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How to use Tango DropBox

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1. Install and launch Tango Dropbox

Download and install Tango DropBox on a Windows PC. Tango DropBox requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 to be installed (even if you have .NET 2 installed, you still need the .NET 1.1 framework)

Once you have successfully installed the software, look for the "Shortcut to Tango DropBox" icon on your desktop and double click it.

2. First Run

When you first run Tango DropBox you will see a single DropBox labeled 'No Account'. At least one FTP account and path must be set up before you can upload any files or folders.

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3. Open "Manage Accounts / Preferences"
Tango DropBox tray menu

Right click on the Tango DropBox green arrow icon in the Windows tray, found at the bottom right of the screen. Click on 'Manage Accounts/Preferences' to open the dialog box. You can also right click on the DropBox itself to open Accounts/Preferences, or just double click any desktop DropBox.

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4. Importing Accounts
Tango DropBox tray menu

Tango DropBox allows you to import account settings. If you have a Tango DropBox account file (ending in .dropbox) simply drag that file over any DropBox to import the account information. If the account information has been "Locked" you will not be able to see the account information, but you can still upload to that account.

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5. Drag 'n' Drop files and folders

Once you have manually setup an FTP account, or imported a .dropbox account file, you are ready to drag, drop and upload!

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6. Setup Accounts

Use the Account Manager dialog box to store account information, change the size and opacity of the desktop DropBoxes and to set up a proxy server (for advanced users). The PRO version also allows you to set up secure transfers and export account settings.

1. Saved accounts menu. Click to modify account info and then save (12) the update. Right click on an account to delete it.
2. This is the Settings and preferences tab. This tab is currently selected.
3. This is the Export accounts tab. This section is used to export .dropbox accounts that can be imported into any DropBox. This is a PRO feature.
4. This section will display Tool Tips when the mouse is hovered over controls and buttons.
5. Create a unique 'Nickname' to identify each account. This name will appear under the Dropbox.
6. Enter an account FTP server address like
7. Enter your account username.
8. Enter your account password - uncheck 'Save' if you do not want to save the password along with the account information.
9. The default port is 21. Leave this setting at 21 unless you are an advanced user.
10. Enter the full folder path for this account. This is where your files will be uploaded to when you drag and drop to this Tango DropBox. You can also use the "Browse" button to select the remote folder path.
11. Check this box to turn on secure file transfers. This is a PRO feature.
12. If you want to modify an existing account, click the desired account in the accounts menu (1), make changes and click 'Save'.
13. Click the 'Add' button to add your account info to the accounts menu. You can also modify an existing account and click 'Add' to create a new account.
14. Clears all fields.
15. Set up a proxy server (for advanced users).
16. Use the size slider bar to resize the Tango DropBox icons from 32 pixels to 128 pixels.
17. Use the opacity slider bar to change the opacity of the Tango DropBox icons from 10% to 100%.
18. Global DropBox settings: Auto Start automatically starts DropBox when Windows starts - Stay on Top keeps all DropBoxes on top of other windows - Lock Position locks DropBoxes in place - Sound turns sounds on and off.
19. Click OK to close the Accounts and Preferences box.
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6. Tray Menu

Tango DropBox tray menu

Use the Tango DropBox green arrow icon in the Windows tray to perform the following functions: change accounts, create new DropBoxes (PRO version), hide and reveal Boxes, keep all Boxes on top, lock the position of all Boxes and turn on and off sounds.

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Tango DropBox How Tango DropBox Works Tango DropBox Video Demos Tango DropBox PRO features Download Tango DropBox
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